First Dance Lessons - Dirty Dancing

Wedding Dance UK helps couples all over the country achieve amazing results for their first dances, here's what some of them have to say:

"We couldn’t have asked for better than Holly. She made sure we were both comfortable with what we were doing before moving on. The wedding guests loved it.  We hadn’t told anyone so that had a surprise! Wouldn’t change a thing."
Laura Thomas - South Wales
, watch their First Dance Video!

"We could not have asked for a better service! With the bride trained as a professional dancer Kate immediately put the nervous groom at ease from the outset and ensured we were taught at a comfortable pace. I was surprised at what we achieved in such a short space of time, and it was amazing to see Kate listen to the music and adapt/change things to suit us, literally as we went along. We could not be happier with the finished result! What we managed to achieve in two afternoons was unbelievable! I think our guests were expecting the standard swaying dance but all were surprised and shocked when we started our routine and we received cheers throughout followed by a huge round of applause at the end! We would have no hesitation in recommending Wedding Dance UK to anyone wanting to do something different, special and memorable for their First Dance. Excellent, professional and friendly tuition and well worth every penny."
Andy and Nic - Portsmouth, watch their First Dance Video!

"Thanks very much for teaching us to dance from scratch in as little as an hour and a half! We were both amazed at how easy you made it feel, and the amount of confidence we gained in such a short time. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend it to other couples. Looking back now, I honestly don't know how we would have approached our first dance without your help."
Alia and Paul - Devon, watch their First Dance Video!

"Thanks for the lessons, knowing I wasn't going to look a total fool allowed me to relax totally on the day. We would be pleased to recommend you to anyone!"
Steve and Colette - Surrey, watch their First Dance Video!

"Laura was brilliant, we were really at ease with her within minutes and the whole thing from our first steps to the applause we got at the end was brilliant, it really was the icing on the cake!! Thanks for everything!"
Sue and Gary - Leiston, Suffolk, watch their First Dance Video!

"What can I say? ! We have loved the whole experience culminating with the performance and still continuing with the fantastic comments we are getting to this day. The lessons were a great fun break from all the other stressful things we were going through in the run up to the big day and I would thoroughly recommend every bride to do it! Thank You!"
Lorraine and Colin - London, watch their First Dance Video!

"Out of everything on that day (much of it that was not perfect) the wedding dance is the bit I look back on with a smile. We loved it. Thank you."
Carrie and David - Crawley, watch their First Dance Video!

"We really, really enjoyed the dance and all of your lessons - the guests thought it was amazing too"
Derberah and John - London, watch their First Dance Video!

"We had such a great time performing the famous Dirty Dancing routine for our first dance. We were so glad that we decided to do something different. Our guests loved it and went crazy at the end lift. We couldn’t stop smiling at our achievement. Thank you Jodie and Wedding Dance UK for all your help."
Lucy and Ben - Birmingham, see their First Dance Photos!

"Now that we are back from New Zealand and our honeymoon - we can reflect on the most amazing day we had and I can honestly say one of the best memories was our first dance and how much fun we had doing it - simply because you taught us something we could both do and enjoy without stressing that we would look silly!"
Deb and Craig - London, see their First Dance Photos!

"The website was very comprehensive and we received excellent and timely communication. Kate was wonderful. She had an informal and friendly approach and was endlessly patient and encouraging. We were very happy with the finished result. We had lots of applause and compliments from our guests and as a result gave out a lot of Wedding Dance UK business cards!"
Eloise and Whyn - London, see their First Dance Photos!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our first dance was AMAZING! Everyone loved it! It really was the hit of the wedding. Our families were shocked!"
Kathryn and Stephen – London, see their First Dance Photos!

"We received very personal service. Kate – you were excellent, we couldn’t even sway before you turned up! We were delighted with the finished result – we were so glad that we had lessons. Not just so we could dance a bit but we said in the chaos and hard work in the run up to the wedding it was actually a really nice thing to do. It gave us a bit of time as a couple just focusing on each other. We got massive cheers from our guests on all the ‘twiddly bits’! Overall it was a fantastic experience. We’re tempted to have some more lessons just so we can dance together at other occasions."
Marisa and Alex - Nuneaton, see their First Dance Photos!

"Our choreographer was very professional. We needed to go through and repeat the steps and sequences a number of times so we could remember them all. Kate did well also to help break the sequences up which in turn helped us to remember them all. We were very happy with the finished result. Our wedding dance was for the Groom’s party and was based on the Men In Black video. Kate helped create a very fun dance. Our dance started with myself (the groom) and my bride performing a typical slow wedding dance, then with a change of record to Men in Black, the bride walked off and the ushers joined me. There were literally screams of laughter from the guests when my ushers walked on two at a time wearing their shades. At the end of the dance we were so pleased with ourselves we were giving each other high fives and were literally euphoric! Our guests gave an almighty cheer and clap.
Our wedding dance was a real highlight and was such a nice touch to what was a fantastic day. If you’re thinking about doing something special then go for it!  It will be well worth all the hard work. Thanks Wedding Dance UK. Really enjoyed the whole experience."
James and Emma – Burford, Cotswolds, see their First Dance Photos!

"Thanks so much for all your help - our first dance went down really well and we had many great comments afterwards."
Nicola and Keith - London, see their First Dance Photos!

"Everyone loved our dance and were very surprised. I loved that we were able to do a mixture of dances such as the salsa and waltz as a basic and incorporate special moves. The lifts really impressed everyone. Afterwards our guests told us our dance was so cute and romantic and looked beautiful. Thank you so much for your help - We enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend your service. A million thanks to our choreographer, she went the extra mile."
Karen Wood - London

"We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and were very chuffed with our dance. It was fun to do something different. Kate was great and helped us get exactly the kind of dance we were looking for. Thank you so much."
Andre and Tracey - London

"A very professional and very friendly service. We were very happy with the finished result it was exactly what we had in mind. I think our guests really enjoyed it. We ourselves didn’t take it too seriously, we were smiling and laughing while doing it so I think people had the same attitude and it was a really happy time. Thank you very much Kate!"
Clotilde and Alex - London, see their First Dance Photos!

"We very much enjoyed our lesson and found the choreography very suitable for us -  Kate was very easy going and patient."
Abbey Powell - London

"Nicole was excellent. She was very professional, friendly and taught us just the sort of dance we wanted and at just the right pace. She was also a lot of fun, which helped! Please could you pass on our thanks to her – she really was brilliant. Everyone loved it. Lots of people commented on what a good idea it was to have lessons and how convenient it was to have the lessons in our home. Lots of people commented on how it was so much better to do a structured first dance rather than just side-step, looking embarrassed! Everything about Wedding Dance UK was excellent – the website, the efficiency, the choreographer and also the price. To be able to have the lessons at home was great for us and so convenient. Also I thought the cost was very reasonable, as we had had other quotes from other people for 2 x 2 hour lessons at over £300!"
Clare Marchand - Cirencester, see their First Dance Photos!

"Kate was amazing!  Our nightmare was that we would be stuck doing the 'first dance shuffle!' but Kate even managed to get us doing a funky waltz incorporating a couple of lifts!! The whole process was just so easy and we didn't worry about it one bit on the day...we actually danced around the floor without a care in the world...unbelievable considering neither of us had ever danced before!! Everyone loved it - it was simple enough not to look rehearsed but everyone thought it was beautiful! Thanks so much for adding to our amazing day!  We would have been worrying about the first dance all through the wedding breakfast if we had not got in touch with you!!  The first dance is a point in the night with so much focus on choose a beautiful song that means something to you and all your family and friends gather around to share in your moment as the new Mr. and Mrs.; so I think it is important that you look back on the first dance with fond memories rather than feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable and wishing the moment would pass! Thank you so much for your wonderful, friendly service and for making us feel so comfortable throughout the whole process."
Melissa and Fergus - London

"My guests were so surprised that we had something prepared. They were cheering along with the dance and loved it!"
Reena and Simon - Charlton

"Just wanted to thank Molly for all her help, even though we only met once, we felt so comfortable with her and felt like we had known her for a while, not just 2 hours. Please say a VERY BIG thank you to her…she made our first dance go off in style THANK YOU."
Alisa Goodstone - Manchester

"The lady I dealt with at Wedding Dance UK was very flexible and responsive, and kept me up to date on progress. The sessions were booked promptly and in a convenient location. Our choreographer Molly was very friendly, professional and flexible. She built the dance routine around our strengths and preferences, and was enthusiastic and supportive throughout. I would recommend her highly to anyone considering a similar service. Thanks for providing this excellent service, which helped make our wedding such a special day."
Rob Ford - Manchester

"The lessons were pitched perfectly and the pace was excellent.  The overall experience didn't feel like lessons at all, which is the talent of a good teacher!"
Alison and Ben - London

"A great service, and a great result.  We’d highly recommend this to anyone getting married."
Emad and Heather - London, see their First Dance Photos!

"Our guests loved it!!!  Most people had no idea that we’d been having lessons, in fact I think only two people knew.  I think some had guessed but everyone was really impressed.  We were getting lots of cheers and when it was finished we had loads of compliments.  Most people couldn’t believe that we’d learnt the routine in 5 hours."
Gemma Pendleton - London

"Laura was excellent – we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! She was positive, upbeat, fun and created a relaxed atmosphere. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We were thrilled, it was not so complicated that we were unsure of ourselves, yet tricky enough to impress the guests! It was fun and funky which is just what we were after. Our guests loved it! On the video you can barely hear the music for all the whooping and cheering! It was a real surprise for most and entertained them."
Rachel & Mike - Ipswich, see their First Dance Photos!

"Thanks Molly we had a great time during our dance lessons learning our moves. I have to say everybody was really impressed with the dance and it was such fun performing it on the big day.  It was a very special touch to our wedding day and I am so happy that I managed to talk my partner into having the lessons. I couldn’t believe how relaxed we were when it came to the first dance and looking at the guest's photos we both had big smiles across our faces. I just can’t wait to see the DVD and other people’s reactions. The claps, the noise, and, the laughter really did make it clear that our dance was thoroughly enjoyed by all xxx"
Emma Flaherty - Manchester

"Estuardo was the perfect teacher!  Very entertaining, very passionate, and very energetic.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to dance in the Cambridge area! It made our wedding!!! That and the booze of course."
Jonathan Lawson - Cambridge