A First Dance To Remember in Surrey

Steve and Colette from Surrey had lessons with Wedding Dance UK after Steve bought a gift voucher for first dance lessons for Colette’s birthday. They had fun learning steps to the famous song Eternal Flame by The Bangles.

An elegant routine to a great song - this couple chose music that not only is perfect for dancing to but also was special and meaningful to them. We always advise couples to use music that they can emote to - music that might hold special memories, or music that just gets them to boogie! Not every first dance song has to be soppy and romantic - we've choreographed first dance routines to heavy metal, 80's electronica, disco - even gangster rap! The important thing is that it's a song the couple love, that's what creates the best first dance routines.

A Wedding Dance UK Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for anybody who wants to create a special first dance for their wedding day. Great for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day or even just as a special suprise you can buy a single lesson or a five-hour package. Personalised with your special message, give your loved one the romantic treat of a perfect first dance routine on their wedding day.

Purchase a gift voucher on our first dance lessons booking form right now and we'll start arranging your perfect first dance.


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