Wedding Dance UK - Lifting Confidence in Suffolk!

Gary and Sue, from Suffolk, came to Wedding Dance UK with no dance experience. One of our choreographers introduced them to some simple but effective steps giving them the confidence to end the dance with a dramatic lift.

Many couples feel understandably shy about performing their first dance but this couple show that nerves can be overcome with the high-quality friendly teachers employed by Wedding Dance UK. Working with newcomers is our speciality and we really can transform people who say they can't dance.

We never force people to do moves that make them feel uncomfortable. Every step is carefully taught and explained and before long the nerves disappear as couples learn to enjoy dancing.

Because our first dance lessons take place in the comfort of your home there is no intimidating atmosphere of a dance-studio and couples can relax knowing that any mistakes are only seen by their teacher and themselves. Complete your first dance lessons booking form now and take your first steps to the perfect first dance routine.


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