Dedicated to First Dance Lessons in London!

Deberah and John, from London, contacted Wedding Dance UK wanting first dance lessons to create a routine that reflected their personalities - full of style and character! They created this amazing first dance after five hours of lessons and they and their guests were thrilled with the results.

Deberah had some experience as a gymnast in her childhood but John was new to dance. Their choreographer soon discovered in the first lesson that John was a complete natural to dancing and he took to learning the routine with enthusiasm and confidence.

Many bridegrooms feel that they are unable to dance but our choreographers are experts at unlocking skills they never knew they had. It's only natural for the man to feel nervous and awkward at the thought of first dance lessons but the relaxed and friendly nature of our lessons mean that even the most shy grooms soon skip around the dance floor.

What really made this first dance was Deberah and John's willingness to being open minded in their lessons and being dedicated to practicing their routine at home. Practice really does make perfect and as you can see (despite the crazy camera angles!) Deberah and John's hard work really paid off here.

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