Dynamic First Dance Lessons in Crawley!

Carrie and David, from Crawley, wanted a romantic first dance with some dramatic lifts to perform at their Gretna Green wedding. They were new to dance but wanted something exciting and fun to show their guests on the big day.

This couple are a great example of how a big flamboyant dance can be choreographed and rehearsed in a relatively small space at home. Our first dance choreographer worked with Carrie and David to create this entire routine in their kitchen - it's amazing what can be achieved when the furniture is pushed back and the ornaments hidden away.

Carrie was worried that the shape of her wedding dress would restrict the type of dance moves she could perform. Thinking ahead, she wore similar shaped dresses to practice in allowing her to understand what could be done. She was suprised and amazed by just how much could be achieved.

It's common for brides to worry that their dresses won't allow fancy movements in their first dance routines but this is often not the case. Our first dance choreographers have performed in all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits in professional productions and have a wide knowledge of tips and tricks to performing in the biggest of frocks.

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