Dancing To The Moon in Portsmouth!

Andy and Nic from Portsmouth approached Wedding Dance UK with a first-dance-dilemma. Nicola had plenty of dance experience but Andy was a complete novice and was terrified of not being able to do justice to his fiance's talent. He wanted Wedding Dance UK to work together with him and his bride to bring his skills up to scratch and allow them to perform their perfect first dance routine.

After a perfect five hours of first dance lessons the results speak for themselves. This couple's friends and family were amazed at Andy's skills and were enchanted by this beautiful and romantic first dance.

Wedding Dance UK are often approached by nervous bride-grooms wanting to ensure they do a good job on the dance floor. Our first dance lessons are tailored to help in any situation and the nerves soon vanish to leave a confident couple with a great routine.

Wedding Dance UK can really help you overcome your first dance nerves and create a routine to suit you for your wedding day! Work with one of our friendly expert first dance teachers to create a routine just as exquisite as this one. Complete our first dance lessons booking form now and let's start the dance!


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